Towards Normalcy - The "Democratic Set"

By the end of 1945, postal services had gradually reached a state of normalcy.

Democratic Set

On October 1, 1945, a set called the "Democratic Set" was issued. It reflected the reality of the period, the two opposing forces which were going to the plebiscite: republicans and monarchists. The allegorical subjects depicted on the stamps were chosen to not irritate the sensitivities of either group: a hammer that breaks a chain; a worker's family protected by the justice's balance; a male hand holding a torch; a hand planting an olive-tree bud; a farmer attaching a small plant to a support after grafting; and new sprouts from the broken trunk of an oak-tree with the allegoric figure of the Goddess Rome in the background.


For air mail stamps the subjects were a plane flying over a mountain range with a handshake of friendship and a flock of swallows flying over a calm sea.


For the express stamps the subjects were a winged foot and a charioteer with a galloping horse.

These sets served their purposes well, and were used until December, 1952. In the meantime, the set "Italy at Work" had been released.

Italy at Work

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