The deportation

Chapter I “The world of concentration camps”

1. The concentration camp (Konzentrationslager)




In Italy the Nazi fascists arrested approximately 9.000 Jews and politicians among which were old people, women and children. They were, in most cases, interned at Fossoli’s camp before their final deportation to Auschwitz. There was only about one thousand who survived.

Headed letter card mailed post-free on June 30, 1944 by a prisoner which shows the Italian and German censor marks.

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After the closure of the Fossoli’s camp, following the advance of the Allied Army and of the Italian liberation forces, the Nazis transferred the prisoners to the Bolzano’s camp. Later, from this camp convoys of prisoners were sent to extermination camps.

Post-free letter card sent by a prisoner on January 9, 1944 which shows the cancellation “Deutsche Dienpost Alpenvorland” and the german censor mark.

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